Tenant of the Week

There is a tenant who decided to play make believe, and pretended to be a plumber. He was attempting to “fix” a leak in his shower.

It’s not clear if his shower was actually leaking — this is a guy who hangs out with people other residents say are homeless. And who was likely on drugs, but I’m not passing judgement on anyone’s lifestyle. One of his guests urinated on themselves while sleeping in the hallway outside his apartment. During the day.

So, in the process of “fixing” his shower, he broke the shower mechanism behind the tile, so his shower stopped working.

He then decided it was a good idea to go outside, remove the grates at the base of an exterior building wall, crawl on the ground and into that narrow space, and then “fix” the valves below the building.

That caused two other apartments to not be able to use their showers.

He’s my choice for the first “tenant of the week” feature.

Got a story you want to share? A neighbor you can’t stand? I’d love to hear it and share it, with your permission, of course.