Things Tenants Throw in Toilets

Art taken from, The Plumber’s Assistant.

Some people think they can throw anything in their toilet.

Coffee stir sticks. Underwear. Razors.

People seem to also have strong feelings towards their toilet — disgust, anger and embarassment have come up in how tenants talk about the human waste processor.

One tenant was so upset that his toilet wasn’t flushing that he had his momma call me to describe the same problem, after I had already sent the maintenance man, who in turn recommended a plumber. (I informed the tenant a plumber was called and provided access to the staff restroom until the problem was resolved.)

Maybe the tenant thought his toilet would get fixed quicker ’cause his momma gave me attitude about it?

I won’t keep you in suspense. Giving me attitude, especially when you are NOT on the lease, and should NOT be living there, doesn’t help your cause.

Why would the commode suddenly stop flushing and overflow?

Apparently this tenant, or his mom, like to stir their coffee in the bathroom. And then toss the stir stick in the toilet.

They eventually learned that is not a good thing to do. At least for monetary reasons since they were charged for the plumber’s time.

I don’t know about you, but I worry that anything I might bring in with me to the bathroom might fall in the toilet. I also worry that I might contaminate anything I bring in there — like food. Maybe I worry too much. And, in case you’re wondering, I don’t usually take my cell phone in the bathroom with me.

At another property, the plumber was working up a sweat as the “snake” slowly made its way into the deeper parts of the toilet. After some time, he pulled out the largest pair of granny panties I have ever seen. We both looked at each other, in shock and confusion. Then we both tried hard not to laugh.

One has to wonder how the panties ended up in the toilet. Did you not notice they came off? Were they hanging on the towel rack, fell in and were flushed down accidentally?

A female resident called to ask if the maintance man could check on her toilet, but only after a certain hour. I was pretty certain he could but offered to do it sooner since I knew he had just finished with another job. But the resident insisted he come by at that particular hour. I later realized it was because she would not be home and was embarassed to have to discuss poop with the maintenance man.

In another situation a plumber had to completely remove a toilet to find that the reason it was not working was because a razor blade was stuck inside.

For those of you reading, please use a trash can for non-human waste. And if I may be so bold, don’t be gross — stop taking your coffee in the bathroom with you.

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