The Case of the Missing Children

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She says her children are buried in the basement of the brick, 1920s apartment building next door. The woman often finds her way into the building, and on several occasions knocked on a few doors to ask if residents would help her find her children. She says she believes they are being kept in the basement.

Reactions to this situation range from annoyance to grave concern to anger, and police have had to be called to the building. Apparently the woman would often become hysterical and begin screaming that her children were buried in the basement. I personally have not set foot in the original basement area mostly because there isn’t a reason for me to go down there and I’ve been busy. The dusty concrete steps that twist downwards and the lack of updated lighting aren’t exactly inviting, though.

But when I heard this woman’s story, that she recently was arrested for trespassing, was talking to two little girls and asking them to come with her, I couldn’t help but think this could go horribly wrong. My other thought was that it might one day become a stop on a Halloween attraction — maybe something like Ghost Tours of Old L.A.? It would feature a woman who roams the night, wailing for her lost children. Sound familiar? Like La Llorona?

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