Free advice: don’t park the car you stole in front of your apartment

It might sound like common sense to avoid showing off the flashy car you stole, but it seems a tenant and his girlfriend did not think the high-end SUV she purchased with a stolen identity would tip anyone off. And, they apparently thought no one would notice if the stolen SUV was parked in front of their apartment building. As in the building where they live. Where people, and police, would see them getting in and out the car — the stolen car.

Short version of this tale is that the cops had been looking for the tenant’s girlfriend and the tenant as this was not their first involvement with identity theft.

Like a scene out of a movie, cops stopped the couple, in the stolen SUV. Police, with weapons drawn, demanded the two get out of the car. More cops showed up. Possibly half the department, given how many black and whites pulled up. The street was closed off. A helicopter was soon hovering over the crowd that had gathered. The couple were arrested but police lingered for a while.

The lesson here, boys and girls, is keep a low profile. Especially with stolen, expensive goods.

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