Apartment living: shared walls

What do you do when you can hear your new neighbor in the bathroom?

Not just the shower running or the toilet flushing.

I’m talking about hearing what happens before he flushes the toilet. And finding out he has a thing for coughing up loogies.

My new neighbor and I share a wall. His bathroom is up against my bedroom.

And apparently he’s sick, or drinks a lot, or has a condition that causes him to cough up loogies in the mornings (once before 6 a.m.) or evenings.

First, I hear the coughing. Then I hear that disgusting grunting-almost-throwing-up noise that comes right before the loogie is actually spit out. Then of course, I hear him spit.

The first time I heard him I thought about knocking on his door and asking him if he needed some medical assistance.

Should I start a point system and award him marks for his performance? You know, like a diver at the Olympics?

I’m tempted to let him know, in Spanish, that I’m a little embarrassed to have to tell him this, but I can hear e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g he does in his bathroom?

2 thoughts on “Apartment living: shared walls

  1. Part of me feels bad for the guy. My own girlfriend has accosted me for making similar noises in the supposed sanctity of her own bathroom. If a person can’t make bathroom noises in one’s own bathroom, then there may be no hope for Humanity.


    1. Oh, you must have “one of those ” girlfriends. It’s a rough situation – no one else wants to hear that, but yeah, where else can you go if there’s not a 2nd bathroom? I would just keep the door shut when you need to make those noises 😉


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