Toilets and stuff

the site is still under construction. but, you’ll find some (hopefully) amusing tales of things gone wrong in apartments. all names will be kept out of the blog. if this sounds like you, it’s just a coincidence. really.

some people are nice when they want something. some, not so much. it’s my job to make them happy. as happy as they can be, anyway.

sometimes ceilings cave in on new year’s eve.

sometimes people throw — i mean accidentally drop — their coffee stir sticks in their toilet and then wonder why the toilet won’t flush. (and why you brought the coffee with you to the bathroom is another topic we’ll explore.)

and sometimes, people complain that the stove doesn’t work or that the handy man didn’t fix it. real problem: user error. turns out they didn’t turn the knob past the point where the clicking noise can be heard so the flame won’t come on. then the kitchen smells like gas, and they are upset and afraid there is a gas leak. and then they complain, again, that the handy man didn’t repair the stove.

welcome to my world, enjoy, leave some comments, ask some questions.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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